July 31, 2008

Sell More So You Can Keep Having Fun

If you like your job, your company, its products or services, you need to be concerned about sales. Even if you're not in sales. Even if you sweep the floors.

I had a long run at a company where we made great products and had a pretty good time doing it.

My boss would often say "We've got to keep making sales so we can keep having fun."

It's my business mantra.

July 05, 2008

Born P.R. Practitioner?

From the February 1961 issue of Plus-Profit Publicity:

May we reprint an item from the January/61 issue of the "Advertising Club of N.Y. News"?


It must run in the family. We always knew Milt Riback was a loyal member of the Club, but who would have thought he had indoctrinated his young son, Eric? Here's what Eric wrote for a "theme" paper in class 2-2, PS86:-

If I Were a Printer

"I want to be a printer because I like to print and type. I would send stories to newspapers, join the Advertising Club, talk business with people."

Get out the membership cards, Charlie!

Our only defense is that Eric, not yet eight, is at too tender an age to learn that at the Advertising Club, activities lean more to standing at the bar and sleeping in the all-too-comfortable lounge than in "talking business with people"!

Note: At that time, the NY Ad Club owned a former mansion on Park Avenue including a bar and banquet room.