About Milton Riback

Milton Riback founded an eponymous public relations agency in Manhattan in 1954.

He was the first p.r. practitioner to become President of the Advertising Club of New York.

Combining self-promotion and a keen sense of humor, he created Press Agents Shining Hour in 1964.

Plus-Profit Publicity was his monthly house organ from 1956 into the early 80s. It was a one-sheeter sent to clients, prospects, ad agencies, editors and business friends.

Riback died in 1999. On this weblog, his son, Eric, posts items from P-P P that still have relevance, as well as occasional stories about his father and other observations on p.r. and marketing.

Milt was an early adopter of technology, and if living and working today his Plus-Profit Publicity would certainly be published in the form of a blog, likely augmented by a Twitter feed.